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Multimeter giveaway for November 2012 - Mastech / Sinometer MS8218 50000 count

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I will be giving away the Mastech / Sinometer MS8218 50000 count multimeter with PC data logging:

The video review can be found here:
Part 1:
Part 2:

To enter this giveaway (30th November 2012) just post a reply here with:

* Your name:
* The country and city you live in:
* Note one of the issues that was found with the MS8218?
* Note why you would find this multimeter useful?
* Upload a picture of your current multimeter measuring the voltage of a 1.5v or 9v battery (cell)...or your backyard or neighborhood.

You can enter all the competitions and giveaways...but you can't win more than once every six months.


Photo of the neighbourhood then, and the rest to follow when I rewatch the videos.

Sean Beukes

You had an issue of reference drift with temperature

If I win I would have a nice high resolution meter with a good set of functions, and good enough accuracy for most applications.

Wonder which meter I will use to measure a cell.

The pic is outside looking at the goose that has decided to nest on the roof, sitting on the streetlight across the road. My new morning alarm clock, he starts calling at sunrise, along with the ringnecks living wild around, the Ibis and the Mynahs.

Took a photo of the other multimeter, as the battery was very dead, as I had left it on either by the power switch being pressed or by accident. Used my oldest multimeter, the Hioki 3001, to check the new 9V battery and the old Vinnic that came with the other meter. I have had the Hioki since I was in school, it is still working, and is still in calibration on voltage, though current is a little off, and resistance has always been slightly off.

Hi Martin,

Vincent Denich (N2XG- Ham Operator)
White Plains, New York

You had several concerns with the meter (the leads did not fully insert into the connectors, there was an issue with reference drift with temperature as well).

I would find this multimeter useful because I have just begun a full-fledged interest in learning about electricity. Of course when I studied for my ham license I learned a great deal, but I am now making this a full-time interest and may switch to a career as an electrician. I only have the very old Radio Shack multimeter shown in my photo that is severely damaged and the wires are frayed. I'd certainly appreciate a meter of this quality. My current meter does not display Amps.

Thank you for doing what you are doing. I have learned a lot from you.

Benjamin Tan:
 Benjamin Tan


The issue found was  the test probe don't go down all the way and the reference drift with temperature.
I would find this multimeter useful because I would have a good, reliable and a high resolution multimeter

Measuring a 9V battery 

Viliam Kubis
Bratislava, Slovakia

I remember the issue you had with this multimeter was that the measurement drifted a lot with changing temperature compared to the fluke sitting next to it. Also in lower ranges, the bar graph is not very useful, because it is laggy and jumps a lot.

I would find this multimeter very useful because my only DMM at the moment is a cheapo DT-830D+ I bought 7 years ago. I've used the hell out of it, but If i want to go into high energy stuff, it's really a no-go. So having a much greater multimeter at home would be definitely great, I'd use it all the time over my current DMM because of added resolution, precision, input protection, CAT rating, general safety and more robustness than my current DMM.

Attached is a picture of my current multimeter measuring a 9V battery.

Cheers and love the great videos!


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