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Multimeter Reference Check give away!

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I will be giving away the "proof of concept" / prototype multimeter reference check that I'm working on. It will be calibrated and I hope will provide some value to whoever receives it.

The build, testing and calibration can be followed here:

To enter this giveaway (should be by the end of June) just post a reply here with:

* Your name:
* The country and city you live in:
* Your favorite multimeter:

I will post a video doing the draw naming the winner....good luck!


Ken Williams, Merrimack, NH, USA - Fluke 73 II

Mark Maguire (AKA Solid2383 from youtube)

Huddersfield, England

Fluke 88V which i own.

Thanks Martin

p.s. Can't wait for your video regarding you SMD chips.

Paulo Angélico
Londrina - PR - Brazil
I have the Minipa ET-2082C (simple and complete).
I also have several shortwave radios.

Greetings to all.


Peter Gooch
Sydney, Australia
UT81B but really wish for a Fluke 87V or 289


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