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Tenma 72-7755 multimeter giveaway.

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Thanks to Ian at EEvBlog, I have a meter that is surplus to me. Tenma 72-7755.  I have too many meters ( I know, but even though half are cheapies I still have too many) so, with Martin's permission, I am having a small give away.

I got it for postage, and the only thing wrong with it is that the DC voltage range defaults to 400mV, where the input impedance is very high, so it picks up random noise if the leads are open circuit. Not actually a fault, more a failure of the manual in stating the input impedance on the 400mV range is very much higher than the stated greater than 11M on all voltage ranges. Otherwise all working fine, and complete in box, though I did download and print out the manual. Complete with the test leads, temperature probe and the communications link, though this is RS232 only, no USB. Software is downloadable from Tenma website.

Competition entry is simple, and I will post worldwide, to any country, aside from those with sanctions against them. Might take a while to arrive, seeing as SAPO is on either a strike or a go slow, so post is slow in and could be slow out.

Open to all who have been registered on this forum since before October 2015, and who have at least 1 post other than in this thread. Competition runs until 14 November 2015, and I will choose ( or Martin will choose) a random number out of the entries who simply reply to the thread. Give your name, and where you live roughly, perhaps with a picture of the area, so we can all see how we are around the globe.

Usual caveats, you are responsible for taxes on entry, void where prohibited ( know your country or state rules, I live in South Africa, where the give away is legal, your area may vary so it is up to you) and I will send it by insured registered post, and hope that it arrives safely.

Link to E14 page about it.

L:ink to the download link for the manual and software.

Mr Eastwood:
I can't enter as my wife has sanctions against me for owning too many multimeters. ;-)


--- Quote from: RobertoLG on November 18, 2015, 11:59:07 AM ---sorry for asking, but is this still going?  thanks

--- End quote ---

Yes, I will probably see this weekend about closing it, and then do a draw for the winner.


--- Quote from: RobertoLG on November 24, 2015, 11:07:46 AM ---did you do the draw,just asking

--- End quote ---

Not yet, still seeing if there are more people interested. 

Just checking, which couriers deliver to Brazil, and how much do they charge there for duties and taxes on parcels.

Looks like the best way anywhere in the world is via Aramex, though that will be expensive on my side, and the recipient will likely be hit as well for duty. If i send SAPO it is a lot cheaper, but delivery might not happen till next year though.


--- Quote from: RobertoLG on November 24, 2015, 12:48:07 PM ---but if isn't delivered till christmas isn't a real problem for me, how long would it take to arrive with SAPO? just curious

--- End quote ---

From 3 months to never. Still waiting to see if the fleabay stuff I ordered in March will show up, though it probably was stolen in system by some light fingered employee at SAPO. Not helped by them being in severe financial trouble, and with a lack of leadership as well.


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