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Child/Pet monitor for Children/Pets in HOT car


Hello Everyone,

First time poster here. I ran across this forum after watching Martins's Videos for over 1 year.

I have been developing a very high level open source prototype system to detect when
children or Pets are left in a HOT auto-mobile. It consist of the following :

1. Aadafruit Feather M0 (SAMD21 MCU)
2. LIPO battery and charge circuit on the module
3. SD card holder on the module
3. MLX90614 sigel pixel IR Thermal sensor
4. DS18B20 temp sensor
5. PIR movement sensor
6. Maxim RTC IC with battery
7. Buzzer
8. 3 general status LEDS

I have 50 bare PCB's(in stock) and I have 50 plexi enclosures(will arrive in 2 weeks)
7 lipo batteries(adafruit can only ship 7 at a time)
25 Feather M0 from adafruit in stock
25 for all the other passive circuitry needed

Here is the general system logic :

1. MCU set to lo power mode (~800uA)
2. NO MOVEMENT detected by the PIR sensor the system will do the following after 1 minute :
a. Log Temp from the DS18B20 (ambient temp of the vehicle)
b. Log Object temp from the MLX90614
c. Log the time from the RTC
d. Log the battery voltage
e. store the above information on the SD card
3. MOVEMENT detected the system will immediately log all the above information

The software as it stands will just loop through the above logic.

Let me know if any forum members are interested in helping with this endeavour to raise
awareness that ~40 children a year die because they are left in a HOT car and there is technology that can prevent this.

Half the the material has been donated by 2 different companies. If anyone is interested in building a unit to
help raise awareness, I can supply the following :

1. Bare PCB
2. Bare snappable Plexi enclosure
3. All parts needed
4. Ill pay shipping to your address (If in the USA)

The only thing I ask is that after you are done is to send the unit to your
congressional representative. The only ones that will respond to me are the ones
in my own state!!

Attached you will find a pic of the unit.



Opps I accidentaly locked the Topic when I posted it!!


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