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A fun to build, but not very useful, kHz counter.


I got the basic idea from Hans Summers' 0-99 kHz BCD frequency counter and made my own version with 74HC4017 instead, since I thought it was a bit hard to read the BCD when it was flickering between two digits.
It is made typical ''Dead Bug' style by first etching the LED front panel, then mount the LEDS and thereafter soldering the front panel on the bottom. The 4017 counters was glued on the bottom panel and then the wiring between the counters and font panel was done. The back panel was laid edge to edge with the bottom panel, then populated with the 74HC4060 plus surrounding components and a 5 Volt regulator. Then wires was attached to the counters and the whole panel was tilted up and soldered in place.
A very fun and ''Easy Piecy'' weekend project when nothing more useful has to be done.
So what can it be used for, you ask? Well not much really, to be honest. I'll guess it could be useful in a VFO for a Direct Conversion receiver or maybe it could do a good job in an old RF signal generator if you're restoring old radios or something like that. If the thousands and the hundreds of kHz are displayed on a dial, then the counter will of course do the rest of the job with the tens and units, and it will be as accurate as any four digit frequency counters.
Enough of my blabbering..

Kiriakos GR:
Thanks for sharing the project, but the pictures are terrible.
Its time to invest in a true camera.


So, you're saying my old Olympus Camedia C100 from the year 2000 isn't good enough? :o 
Yeah, I really should get me a new one, but the Camedia has served me well over the years and was actually one of the best in it's class of that time. Unfortunately it's going nuts under low lighting conditions and when shiny objects are present.


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