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Bio electricity of the human body


I an curious why the body has voltage and what this may mean for our health.

I have measured myself using a cheap Voltmeter to be approximately 1.6 Volts , however when I am totally  earthed  the Voltage goes down to approx .550 and lower of a Volt. When I earth myself I mean I have a stake in the ground with a wire coming into the bedroom with a computer bracelet attached to it to make contact.

Another curious observation is that if I should sit on my bed , my voltage unearthed also goes up approx another volt which would make me 2.6 Volts approx. When I earth myself it is similar namely approx .550.

My question being why this change in Voltage of the body and what could that mean for our health???

Fruit also have voltage and I have looked up some basic  school experiments  on the Net.

My wire attachment for the unearthed measurement  is one voltmeter prong on the earth and the other  held by my fingers. When I am totally earthed I hold both the earth and the prong together , and the other in my other hand.

Appreciate if I am doing it right and what my voltage measurements could mean????
Thank You Bruno

More likely it is you are making an electrochemical cell, with the dissimilar metals ( or varying concentrations of ions in the electrolyte if they are all the same material), and this is what the meter is measuring, plus some other additional error from having a very large AC voltage induced in you from the mains wiring.

that the voltage drops when earthed to a good ground says the effect is more the meter internally rectifying AC on the input leads, probably in protection diodes, which is giving this reading. When on the metal framed bed you are picking up more induced AC voltage, so the error from this rectified AC is more.

BTW, how are you connecting the meter leads, you need to both twist them together to reduce the loop that is picking up AC, and where are you connecting the 2 leads of the meter to your body.

Try doing the same experiment outdoors, far away from electrical wiring either overhead or buried, probably in the middle of your back garden, with a metal rod pushed about 50cm into the ground, and with you connected to the rod or sitting on a plastic chair with feet off the ground.

Thank You Sean B.for the insight.

 I am pleased to hear that you mention that sitting on the bed I may pick up more AC due to the metal springs.I read that somewhere also but most people just shrug it off as baloney.

The leads are held in my fingers.

I have tried this experiment in a country house far away from electric poles with AC current of the house. The readings are much lower of course but there is always a difference in Voltage between being earthed  and not earthed.

If I am picking up AC current of the house , and my purpose is to discover or measure what current/voltage I have in the body  why would/should I twist the leads. I am curious why you suggest this?????

My curiosity is does the voltmeter measure the electric body and if it does I was wondering what the ultimate voltage current of the body could be to promote ultimate health.

Also is the measurement  taken through the fingers of each hand  a good place to put the leads.


Hey, I know this was brought over 3 months ago, however, I would like to share what I know.

RE: voltaes inside our body, it occurs through chemical processes within our cells. It is the foundation of our nervious system, and the pulses that keeps our heart beating are elctrical impulses. That defibliator is not just to shock us back to life. It is to get the heart muscle to respond to those electrical pulses.

That may not be what you are asking about.

Regarding, measuring electricity on the body, skin, tongue..Yes, there is a voltage, and a current. Despite our skins megohm resistance when it is dry, there is still a small voltage and current to the skin.

Measuring skin, and then grounding yourself. And results vary:
The factors
-internal voltage being produced , tiny
-ongoing current from air and environment when body is connected to earth. Not, electrical earth, the planet earth!
-Electrical signals, radio, TV, Wifi, even cordless phones and maybe Bluetooth, if you have your nose in btwn the signal. (that might be a fun test. Try to find any voltage from a Bluetooth signal!)
- also, reflections or radio waves around you from various objects.

Now to dispel what I have repeating seen on YouTube about EMF increasing when our body is grounded. There are people selling "EMF grounding matts" out there for your health. When we as humans are grounded to earch ground, we become  conduit, or antenna for any electircal or elctr-magnetic energy. This is normal (the electro-magnetic)

The air may be positively or negatively charged. We can make great earth round. Static build up..
most, if not all, voltage measured on our bodies comes from the air or nearby EMF fields. radio signals, Air +/- ion balance, electrical field, and so forth.

I have had great fun exploring what voltage I find on my body in diferent situations. I use hand to hand, or throat to hand, or heart to hand. What i have learned is that the voltage is stronger when measured near an artery!

I have also learned that in my small office with metal furniture and storage all around, i have created an incomplete Faraday cage. Either I should seal and work within, or ground it, because th voltage substantially increases. One Day.

One final note. Perhaps you have heard about all the concern of EMF effects on our body. This has been an argument for around 30 years. Some states have set standards limiting the amount of EMF in homes,businesses, and school playgrounds. There is danger at very high levels. however, there is some interesting study out there, that say moderate EMF in your home and office may actually may affect your health. however, it is not from what has been argued about for 30 years, rather the physical fatigue experienced by some people being around digital signals. they think it might come from the great increase in digital signal generation affects us because that on/off, non-sinusoidal energy is like a person tapping you continually. With some much of this energy, these "micro" taps accumulate into "bigger" taps, and in so much ot the world, it is unavoidable and 24/7

Personally, I find this this theory fascinating. I wonder what may change in the future. And, what hard science may reveal to us about these matters.



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