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Brymen BM257s


I am considering getting a BM257s. 
As a newbie, I expect to blow the fuses inside more than once while learning to use it.  So how do I get replacement fuses.  Ive emailed and got these specifications:
fuse 1: 0.4A/1000V AC & DC, IR 30kA, F fuse, Dimension 6x32mm
Fuse 2: 11A/1000V AC & DC, IR 20kA, F fuse, Dimension 10x38mm

The Brymen website gives fuse spec for the BM257 (without the s ) as:
0.63A, 500Vac, IR 50kA, F fuse
10A, 600Vac, IR 100kA, F fuse

I dont know how to read the fuse specs and what would be considered usable in the BM257s.  Ive tried looking at for fuses, but Im confused with all the filters.  What would be the minimum specification for the smaller fuse.

What about a retailer closer to Canada.  What do I ask for.  Where do I look.

Well for the Brymen BM 257s you need the Siba 70 172 40 FF 400 mA fuses which you can order at TME as genuine spare part BM-S/FUSE-0.4A .
But you also could use the Eska 632.413 which have the same specifications like the Siba fuses .


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