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My old stuff : Multimeter - Calculator - watch - Recorder -Radio - Amplifier, ..


Ok, Martin asked me to post some pics of old stuff, so those are my things i still have.
First, Martin's cup of tea :
1 - The Multimeter. I bought this one in the '80 in a Tandy store.
Stil working.
2 - Weller Solder pistol, stil woking, also bought in the '80
3 - Watch, first digital watch, Texas +Instruments. Father bought me in the '70. Still working, but i don't have batteries now to show. Well, i hope it still works  :D
4 - Calculator, also '70 Texas Instruments TI 1200 basic calculations In those times they were very expensive.
5 - Sanyo Tape recorder, again '70. Still working, i used this A LOT when i was a kid. Good stuff, never changed the heads or something.
6 - Philips amplfier. I think the '60. Used for the pick-up, but that one is gone.
7 - A very old radio, Sonn & Clair or Sonneclair . Don't know if it will work again, the thing for the batteries are corroded. When you left the batteries in, in those times, they leaked very easely. The '50 i think.

When i need to open some stuff, let me know, then i open and take some more pics.

part 2

Good pics. I love that calculator!

Excellent, thanks again Antraciet!


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