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Homebrewed VTVM.

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I downed a book/pdf by Hugo Gernsback a while back and noticed a chapter about the "Practical VTVM". I thought the meter was kinda "cute" so I decided to replicate it. Within reason of course, simply because some of the components and the instrument case in particular, isn't available anymore. So most of the part was scrounged from bins and drawers. The case was made out of old VCR covers and whatnot. I used a 5814 "miniature" tube instead of the 6SN7-GT, simply because of lack of space behind the meter movement. The transformer was rewound with two secondaries, to give 120VAC for the plates and 6.3VAC for the heaters.
It has four ranges:
1: 0-1.5V
2: 0-15V
3: 0-60V
4: !STAND WELL CLEAR! (0-600V)


Third picture: measuring 0.77VDC
Forth: 12VDC
Fifth: 60VDC

Sir ,
    Whats Your Native Country ?

Very nice, i must pull out the old Phillips probe I have and fix it up and get it working well again. Still have to get around to doing the Advance signal generator skulking under the bench.

Amabir: I am a norwegian.

SeanB: Thanks, and yes, get the oldies up and going again. I bought a chinese RF siggen on ebay but it was almost useless. Had to mod it a lot. I would have come better off if I just had bought an old Heathkit or something.

Brilliant...thanks for the post and pictures Runem.



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