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Heathkit IM-2202 Multimeter


I just bought this nice little multimeter on ebay from Paul 'M0BSW' Collins.

The main reason I was interested in this was because it has a panaplex display, and for a long time I have wanted a meter which has some kind of luminescent display. The panaplex display on here is bright, clear, and updates quickly.

It is a 2000 count meter (counts up to 1999). The front panel is slightly misleading as its ranges are 1, 10, 100, 1000. E.g. the 1V range will go up to 1.999V.

It runs off 4 'C' cells.

The main IC is a Mostek MK6013P, with a datecode of 1974, so nearly 40 years old. I reckon if this chip did fail, you could probably somehow bodge in an ICL7107.

Some ranges seem to be a few counts out, so I might give the internal pots a tweak sometime.

I expect this will be a very useful piece of kit. Photos are attached.

I have some of those Panaplex displays around somewhere, from a dead NCR cash register.

Congrats on the new one.

I have been going thru a bunch of my old junk to get rid of and ran into several Heathkit items(signal tracers, cap testers, signal generators and so forth). I found a few EICO tube testers, some Utility testers, VTVM, and more. Anyways, enjoy the new toy and do keep us updated on your projects it is involved with.


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