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Dana 5000 Multimeter*


Mr Eastwood:
The other week I bought a Dana 5000 from Ebay very cheap (basically shipping cost);  it's a 5.5 digit meter but the capabilities with regards to what it can measure other than dc depends on what boards were fitted;  this one only had an ac board fitted so it's very limited.  The cal instructions for each board is printed on the under-side of the top lid,  since I took these pictures I did run through the dc cal instructions using my dc voltage source as a reference;  and the results were very pleasing.   
If you are ever thinking about getting one of these make sure you get one with the ohms and ac boards in, otherwise it has very limited use for it's size, other than the obvious vintage curiosity factor.

We sincerely hope that this discussion will make it even more clear.


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