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Just a little bit of flex


Was looking for something, and came across this, so decided to post a picture or two of it.

Old flex PCB with 2 Panaplex displays on it, and the drivers. Designed to be folded up into a very compact display, and with the tiny little sugar cube size power supply as well, and the supply decoupling capacitor being too big to mount on the board, they simply gave it longer leads.

Last is a little thing I moved this morning, took from indoors and left outside in a nice sheltered spot where she can get some food and hopefully not interact with people again. Most people are afraid of Baboon spiders, though they do make nice pets once they get used to you.

Cannot show this to my neighbour, she would make a new exit, as she is afraid of even the littlest hunting spider.

Mr Eastwood:
Interesting construction.

What's the spider feed on,  stray cats? ;)

I would guess whatever came close that was smaller than the spider. Gecko, smaller spiders, small rodents, snakes would all rate as prospective dinner fare.

I would like more suggestions for those who still have the understanding to ask.


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