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Time Electonics - Model 505 D.C Currrent Source

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Mr Eastwood:
Another Ebay low cost ex-mod purchase to add to the collection;  not too much to say other the unit looks good inside, no sign of any previous battery leaks.  Very nice item, I look forward to playing around with it on the bench.

Link to a similar unit https://www.vintage-radio.net/forum/showthread.php?t=126780

Very nice looking unit.


That is mean!    >:(

Somehow it would be interesting to me, what the connected DMM shows...    :'(

Mr Eastwood:

--- Quote from: ProBang2 on April 16, 2019, 04:20:05 AM ---That is mean!    >:(  Somehow it would be interesting to me, what the connected DMM shows...    :'(

--- End quote ---

ProBang, I know that was really mean of me,  it was wrong wasn't it! :)  SO to try make it up to you I have posted some readings; 

the dial settings were set at: 4000 on .9999, 9.999 and 99.99 mA ranges respectively matching the images (left to right) or (top to bottom)

the meters used were:  idm 305 (1), idm 305 (2), idm 305 (3) and solartron 7150 (1) and solartron 7150 (2)


Thank you for your efforts. It seems, the 505 DC current source is still pretty well in spec.  :)
(Maybe a little on the low side, but that could easily caused by the resistance of the test leads and the current shunts. The tolerances of the DMMīs are added anyways.)

So I have to say: I am really very impressed from this device.  :o

When was the current source built? My guess would be: Pretty much 40 years ago.
And works still fine...
I donīt expect such a long lifetime from the items, nowadays produced.

BTW: Regarding the readings from your second Solartron 7150: 0.29 mA, 3.88 mA.
Is there sadly a problem in the lower current range?  ???



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