Author Topic: Solar panel evaluatation & monitoring battery charging (LadyAda project)  (Read 3355 times)


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Here's a solar & Arduino project that may be of interest to the group. Lady Ada calls it a "Portable solar charging tracker".  The functions are:
  • Portable! Its hard to test solar panels inside
  • Ability to log to an SD card for long-term data analysis (to be added later)
  • Keep track of the solar panel voltage
  • Keep track of the battery voltage
  • Keep track of how much current is going thru the panel to the charger

Note, this project is not a solar-powered datalogger.

Take a look:


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This is brilliant....this is the basis of what I've been looking for...for ages!

Thanks for posting....hope to make time for this project in the future.

Play, discover, learn and enjoy! (and don't be scared to make mistakes along the way!)