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C14 MICROCONTROLLER circuit (steady hand game)


Can anyone please help me to improve the following  Genie C14 Microcontroller circuit so that it counts chances/lives by acting just like a counter?
This should function as a steady hand game.

Therefore, every time the input (push to make switch) is pressed, the next LED in the sequence lights up until the 5th red LED is on.

I am almost certain that I DON'T  need additional components so it can just be a wiring or coding issue.

Thank you, really needed the help.

Mr Eastwood:
Not sure shorting out the voltage regulator in order to reset the microcontroller is good design practice;  I've not heard of the C14 before but after having looked it up it's just a PIC 16F684 with custom firmware and very simple software targeted at the educational market.  I guess they have to hack the reset like that as they have appeared to have disabled the MCLR pin, so they can use it as a IO pin in their firmware.

C14 chip which is basically the PIC16F684

Where is your code?


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