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Hi everybody

If you're interested, I've just published a series of posts about a clone of Arduino (mostly Duemilanove), that we (a friend of mine and I) realized and called Serialino.
The idea is similar to Severino, because it's single-sided copper board too: but serial communications are managed with Max232 (and also the 3.3V are available).
It's released under the terms of CC A-SA 3.0; the KiCAD files freely downloadable and modifiable.

Before giving the link, I prefer to ask Martin the permission: I don't know if auto ping-backs are allowed.

Please worries!

Thank you, Martin.

The project page is

The arguments are logically divided: so you'll find the specific ones on Serialino at the bottom.
A post misses about the board on the road; hope to publish it as soon as possible.

It's essentially a variation of Severino single-sided copper board: we changed the communications management from the two bjts to the max232, and added the 3.3V supply too.

Comments are closed, and we've not a forum.
It will be a pleasure to discuss here, with everyone interested both in positive and in negative.


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