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I really need to get to grips with this stuff

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Paul Collins M0BSW:
Hi group
I really need to get to grips with this stuff, I have never used anything like this , ok years ago I dabbled in dos programing but that was it, can you program say pic chips or chips to work in circuits such as SWR meters home made freq counters sig gens ect,, I'm asking because I have no idea at all, but want to learn.
ps it's also been suggest to me I could use pic-axe , what ever that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was that so hard? Be a sport and do your homework, read, read, read, because the info is out there, written many-many times in many-many forms. Then ask whatever you really don't understand. From your post I think you're lazy and not really interested in finding the answers. So why should I?

Paul Collins M0BSW:
There must be something lost in translation so I'll disregard the lazy comment , you don't know me so don't suppose that, I simple asked for direction in which way to learn the subject to assist me in my amateur radio workshop,  if reading learning and passing Exams is lazy than I must be , for I earned and hold a UK Full UK Amateur Radio licence which includes a 10 wpm morse code test at the time I took it, an American full Extra licence, and a full Canadian Amateur Radio licence, I find you Lazy comment extremely offensive.

Great, congratulations on your licences!

ok, let me rephrase my post: google is your friend, try googling it first. You'll get the answer in 20 seconds as opposed to 1 week on the forum. And it also saves someone else's time, since they don't have to explain it again. I'm sure you'll find this a win-win situation. As a byproduct, this also increases the quality of the internet/forum and makes it easier to find information.

My experience of microcontrollers is quite limited, so I can't help you much.

But, do you have an Arduino? I got one and had a little play with it. Very easy to get started with, and Martin's videos where quite helpful.

Unfortunately, I've not really had chance to do more than just play around with it a little bit.


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