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Arduino Programming with Visual Micro and Atmel Studio


I recently used this fantastic tool for programming the Arduino Platform and thought I would share.

Check it out at

It is a great little add-in that extends the Atmel Studio program to include programming for the Arduino. Atmel Studio and Visual Micro are both FREE! Visual Micro does have an optional DEBUGGER that comes with a 30 day free trial or $15 to buy. The debugger is great. No longer do you have to sprinkle your code with Serial.println statements to debug. Just set a break-point and set the variables you want to watch.

I used it developing my last project (which I will post also) and it saved a bunch of time working the kinks out.

The compiler is lighting fast too compared to the Arduino IDE. This saves a bunch of time especially when working with boards like the Due!.

Here are some screen shots:

Paul Collins M0BSW:
I would like to answer, but I just do not understand this stuff at all, there are some pic chip projects I'd like to do, however I just do not understand it ::)


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