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Programming a hybrid inverter
« on: December 07, 2016, 07:03:31 AM »
I have done searches on this forum and on others and cannot find any useful information about the abovementioned topic.

I am not rained in electronics/electricity at all. I had a system installed in my home in March 2016. Its features:

10x 300W Solar panels
5KVA 48V Hybrid inverter (Axpert)
12 102 Amps 12V batteries (I think led-acid)
System is grid-linked.

Before finalizing decisions about the size of my system the installer measured my electricity consumption when basically all high consumption devices at my home were activated. I have a solar geyser.

I experienced considerable savings after the installation but I am still uncertain what to think of my system after 8 months of use because I experience overloads when certain household appliances are used simultaneously. Despite the calculations to determine possible loads, the system overloads when eg the swimming pool pump is on, plus the air conditioner and oven for instance. As a result the mains will trip. The installer was rather new in the field and hence I am not sure that the correct inverter settings are in place. I have experimented with these after having called the installer back multiple times, without success.

My biggest concern is that when my main circuit breaker trips, it is warm to the touch. The technician is convinced that that particular circuit breaker should be more than able to handle its load.

I assume different brands/makes of inverters will have largely similar settings. Can someone perhaps refer me to a post where this is treated, or can I post my settings here and ask for advice about possible adjustments to them?

Thank you in advance for reading my rather long post.

(If you wonder why I haven't called in the experts, in my circle there are a few people who have had systems installed and none of these systems work well.)