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Hi all. Today i was thinking on an interesting concept - transparent solar panel. Is there anybody manufacturing such panels. Why the ordinary solar panels are black in colour in the background. Is it necessary for the working of solar panel or is it for improving the current generation of the panel. Asked due to the curiosity.

This is a great idea. I've not heard about transparent solar panels but I've heard they're being worked on. Not sure if they exist on the market though.


I have heavy doubts about an economic useful transparent solar cell. Why?

Because of the photovoltaic effect. (Yes- the theory whatfor Albert Einstein earned the Nobel price!)

--- Quote ---Electrons can absorb energy from photons when irradiated, but they usually follow an "all or nothing" principle. All of the energy from one photon must be absorbed and used to liberate one electron from atomic binding, or else the energy is re-emitted. If the photon energy is absorbed, some of the energy liberates the electron from the atom, and the rest contributes to the electron's kinetic energy as a free particle
--- End quote ---
(from Wikipedia/photovoltaic effect)

--- Quote ---[...] electrons are dislodged only by the impingement of photons when those photons reach or exceed a threshold frequency (energy). Below that threshold, no electrons are emitted from the material regardless of the light intensity or the length of time of exposure to the light.
--- End quote ---
(from Wikipedia/photovoltaic effect)

Conclusion: There are photons with a certain amount of energy => a specific frequency involved.
If they are involved, then they will be absorbed from an electron.
It might be well possible to use a material for the solar cell which is transparent at the visible
spectrum of light and uses an other part of the spectrum.
But the visible spectrum of light is even the part where the sunlight has the highest power.
Why should anyone waste this power? Is it sounding anyway economical? Or anyhow efficient? 

(from Wikipedia/Sunlight)

I recall hearing about someone working on them, but it sounds impractical, because a solar panel needs light to produce electricity. If it is transparent, the light will pass straight through it.


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