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Cheap electronic ballast
« on: November 12, 2012, 02:05:14 PM »
Relating to the test of meters here is the output of a cheap electronic ballast.

Radiant lighting electronic transformer XE060/03 20-50VA ballast.

Bought today at Makro for R69.00, though they call it a 60VA electronic transformer. same place Martin bought his fire extinguisher, I have an older one, doubled it in value by getting a certificate for it.

I just quickly connected it up to the mains, and then a single 20W lamp. This is the voltage across the lamp, nothing even close to a sine wave except the envelope is something close. The lamp does not care, being an incandescent lamp, but you may find the LED lamps may be very unhappy with this waveform.

If you connect a non TRMS meter across it it reads 4.0 VAC instead of the 11.5VAC specified by the manufacturer. Interesting in that the cable length is specified as a minimum of 200mm, and it is to be kept away from metal plates ( wonder why......).

This one actually is not a OHL piece of junk, but is certified and is at least type tested to comply with local and IEC61347 regulations. Interesting in that there is no marking as to country of origin, though there is a link to the importer/manufacturer website for more information.