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Title: Off Grid with panel optimizers
Post by: Shay on August 14, 2016, 10:15:02 AM
I have installed solar panels on several boats including my own.  The systems range fron 600 to 1000 watts from 3 to 4 panels.  I always use a MPPT charge controller.  All of the systems suffers from shading to some degree.

I would like to use optimizers on each panel to enhance the production when the panels are partially shaded.  I can't find a charge controller in the 60 to 100 amp range that states it can be used with panel mounted optimizers.  I like the Morning Star charge controllers but when I ask morning star about using optimizers I was told I didn't need them as there MPPT controller already optimizes the system.  Obviously I could get improvements with each panel optimized.

I have considered using a MPPT controller for each panel with there outputs combined to charge the same battery bank.  I can't find a charge controller in the 25 amp range that can be interconnected so all the controllers are in the same mode and properly sharing the load.  There are larger charger controllers that that can be interconnected but I can't find controllers that are aproperate for 200 to 300 watt panels.  Morning Star says on there web site that there voltage sensing is accurate enough that they will work to charge the same battery.

Do you have experience paralling charge controllers to charge the same battery?  How did it work?  Do any of you have experience using optimizers with off grid charge controller?

Thanks for your help
Title: Off Grid with panel optimizers
Post by: jakmaymn on November 01, 2019, 05:27:44 PM
Welcome Alex, Be careful with solar unless you are connecting your boomboxes to the inverter 120v AC port, rather than a direct DC in port or to the battery connections in the compartment.  Solar panel voltages can vary wildly and can rise to very high levels in strong sunlight.  The boomboxes probably dont have adequate over voltage protection if connected in the battery compartment.

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