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Charge controler for Wind and solar
« on: August 09, 2016, 10:27:14 AM »
Hello All,
I wonder if some kind soul can give me a little help please?

I wish to put together a solar system and a wind turbine system, can I use a charge controller for each system?

I ask, because I am having trouble locating a hybrid controller. I reside in Japan, and can get a solar set of two panels each 250w it comes with a PWM controller, which I am not interested in, as I would like an MPPT controller.

The wind system will provide about 450w at peak.

If I am reading everything right, the solar panels will provide 48 volts.

I can get the wind turbine also at 48v. Thus finding a charge controller for a decent price is the challenge, thus can I use a separate charge controller for each system, before the battery bank?

I hope that this isn't a stupid question, can the two systems provide different voltage say the panels at 48volts and the turbine at 12 volts?

Any help much appreciated, cheers Dale.