Author Topic: Oscilloscope Tektronix TBS1062 vs. Owon SDS6062  (Read 3810 times)


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Oscilloscope Tektronix TBS1062 vs. Owon SDS6062
« on: September 24, 2013, 12:52:42 PM »

I am going to use Oscilloscope first time, and  looking to buy an oscilloscope in the range of 60MHz. I searched and narrowed down two products/ models namely; Tektronix TBS1062 and Owon SDS6062.  Requesting your view/ opinion, suggestion, which one should I go for (Tektronix vs Owon)?

I understand that Tektronix is one of the  world leader in this domain, but not sure about their 1000 series, hence confused.



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Re: Oscilloscope Tektronix TBS1062 vs. Owon SDS6062
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2013, 12:40:37 AM »
The Tek has some miserable specs (2.5k points memory? welcome to the 1990s...). New Tektronix scopes are too overpriced to be competitive for the hobbyist market imo.

The Owon SDS has a much larger memory (10meg points), but the software is a bit clunky. Also the sample rate is 500MSa/s instead of the 1GSa/s of the Tek but this is unlikely to be an issue unless you use the scope up at 60Mhz often. Check out Dave's review of the SDS series:

The Rigol 1000 series is worth consideration. It has been out on the market for a fair while now but is tried and true and can be found for cheap. The software isn't quite as polished as the Tek but it's still a huge improvement on the Owon in my opinion.

If you can stretch your budget, the Rigol 2000 series is a massive step up from everything else here. Well worth paying the extra for.