Author Topic: Toptronic T8209 multimeter review  (Read 15363 times)


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Re: Toptronic T8209 multimeter review
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About @iloveelectronics I will say that he is not Good Enough to play the quality control master, except if he has some sort of a technical degree.
One proof that he holds some sort of education about electronics or as electrician.
If he post a picture of his own graduation certificate,  I will post in public my too.

I'm not sure how or why you think I'm playing the "quality control master " role. I have in many occasions mentioned that I didn't have enough technical knowledge to make smart comments. Even in the few short reviews of multimeters I was only trying to point out what I see on the surface as I thought some folks might want to know some of these basic facts as well. Now about this particular meter being discussed in this thread, my point was mainly on the pricing. I said it quite clearly I doubt that it meets its claimed safety ratings too. I simply think it is impossible to manufacture and sell such meters for less than $25 today without treating the workers like slaves.
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Re: Toptronic T8209 multimeter review
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Well, thanks about been honest for your level of education.
In order to get my degree as electrician I was forced to learn about meters and multimeters, because it is an full lesson by it self.

About the meters evaluations and qualifications, the true authority is the international test centers.
The Americans are trusting the UL , the Europeans the DVE & GS, and China never had any up to recently, which name it CCC.

Any meter with out any sort of international aproval (quality certification)  is not worthy to be imported anywere, have this in mind too.
The simple optical inspection it can show only the 30% of the picture, have this in mind too.

Personly I spent money only if the picture is complete at 95%.
For 100% perfect creations I trust only God.