Author Topic: Upload your Solar PV Generation and Consumption to FREE  (Read 2719 times)


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Have a look at which is a free Solar PV Database of people around the globe uploading their daily generation and consumption figures. It supports multiple devices... I have hooked up my OWL Energy Monitor USB to it using their software to automatically update my stats. You can use CSV and also do manual updates if you do not have a monitoring device with the required capabilities.

See my stats so far at
Other interesting figures also there, grouped by Country etc.

Lets get South Africa on the ranking list!!!


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Howsit Jurie

This is cool isn't it. I really like the different teams that you can join.
I am still manually updating my stats. I'll have to write some more code to make my Arduino do the automatic uploading, but I don't like writing code at all. I need to figure out Modbus first, then I can get the data directly out of the charge controller. It will be cool when it's going though.