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Sun heat and solar electrical components
« on: March 12, 2014, 12:59:25 AM »
Hi Martin.

First I would like to thank you mate for sharing all the videos and the tutorials with the rest of the world.

I have few questions you might help me with ... to cut the story short. I used to live in UK and currently I live in Brazil, is extremely hot compare to UK weather. Sunshine and lovely nature, but unfortunately no-one has ever thought on building solar energy or at least harnessing this free energy in good use, so I've been searching for few months where I came cross some of your videos and other people's as well, so I want to do a business involving solar energy, therefore my research let me to this project, called SOLN1:

I want to do the same but for limited scale I want to build something smaller, compact, portable  can provide energy which can be used to charge a laptop, phone, or light LED light, in terms of the size of the panel I am still in the process of understanding more about solar energy. another idea I came across is this: and it might be a good in Brazil.

Would the high heat when charging the panel effect the electrical components like ( battery- inverter etc )  and could cause less efficiency and reliability on the the system ?

I asked this question to the first project maker but he didn't comment on my question and nobody else did !!!!!!

if I am about to make this as a business I need to know specially if I am going to give warranty to customers.

you might ask me why you don't build something and self-tested it, well I am going to do this in the next few months as the cost of these panels very high in Brazil and here is the TAX very high when you order something from abroad so I thought why not asking people for information first.

any kind of advice or a thought would be a big help !!!!