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Solar Newbie - The right questions
« on: January 13, 2014, 03:25:06 AM »
Hi Folks,

Firstly thank you Mr. Lorton, you are an inspiration to people like myself.

I have a very interesting scenario. I am living in Romania, and intend to live on a hill here in the future.

We have no running water, no grid, no toilets, or sewage system. The spot which has a dwelling on it already is ideal, and faces south. Here we get anything from 2 to 2.9 hours of sunshine, it can get very hot in summer. Conversely it can get extremely cold too.

I've built my equation based on Mr Lortons great tutorials which I will check later this week and post them, with perhaps some pictures so people can get an idea of the location.

Another problem I face of course is the language barrier in terms of technicalities. Most people speak English here, but as I understand it, I have to be totally crucial with every equation. Passing that on may provide some problems.

I'm thinking a hybrid of solar energy with a turbine might be a good idea for winter time.

Here are my first questions please. I hope they make sense.....

1. How would one calculate for a turbine with an off the grid system? How would that fit in please?

2. Are there other possibilities regarding water heating? Our roof at present is not very big, but we do intend to extend the living quarters.

3. The government have been asked to provide electric in our area, what do I need to keep in mind if electricity does finally come through if I have an off the grid system?

4. If there are people here in my neck of the woods, Romania, could they offer any advice please?

I'm sorry my first post is a long one, I hope I've asked the right questions.

Best regards to all.

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Re: Solar Newbie - The right questions
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2014, 01:09:09 PM »
Hello Doodoo,

Sorry, I missed this post somehow.

I know a gent that might be able to better assist you with your questions as he has built his own off grid home and has dealt with most of the challenges you talk about.

Here is his channel:
He also has good posts on Google +:

Play, discover, learn and enjoy! (and don't be scared to make mistakes along the way!)