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best way to wire inverter?

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Hey all,

I am new to solar energy and would like to know what is the best way to wire the inverter. I mean should I wire it directly to the LOAD terminals in the Charge Controller or can I just wire it directly from the battery?

I have read that you can't wire it directly to the charge controller since the LOAD inputs are for small loads but I wonder if I wire it directly from the battery when the battery charge % decreases above 50% will the charge controller shut down everything to prevent damaging the battery?

Thanks and regards from Dominican Republic!

Can you post some details about the inverter or post a picture?


Sure, this is the inverter. We had it wired directly from the CC and now it is wired straight from the battery.


We are powering a couple WiFi Radio Antennas and the current draw is very small. We have a 100w renogy panel with a 105amps battery!

What I basically want to know is if the Charger Controller will be damaged if I connect the inverter directly from the LOAD outputs?


If I connect the inverter directly from the battery with clamps, will the Charge Controller shutdown in case the battery drops to a low voltage to prevent damage to the battery??


For that inverter to operate correctly it should be directly connected to the battery. The load output from the charge controller can sometimes have a noisy output which may affect the inverter. Connecting the inverter directly to the battery should eliminate that.
Assuming you have nothing else connected to the load of the CC it won't control shut down due to low voltage. That will done by the inverter if it has a low voltage shut off facility.



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