Author Topic: I think it's not happy.  (Read 2415 times)


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I think it's not happy.
« on: June 02, 2014, 02:29:15 PM »
Busy last few days, rebuilding this little gearbox. Died Thursday, and I went in to work Friday, even though booked off for having had my last wisdom tooth cut out ( cue the remarks about the last wisdom leaving me.... ;) ) and spent Friday dismantling the machine to the point where I could actually get the stack unbolted from it's hiding place in the middle.

Currently the parts are spread over the top, the floor and 2 stainless steel benches. Took the crispy motor off, and found the reason why the motor was so unhappy - the input shaft seal had leaked all the gear oil ( or at least there was about a tablespoon left inside) down and it had all gone through the top bearing of the motor ( it's not happy now) and filled the motor and cooked it nicely.

Dripping black gunk from places it should not, and from every screw I removed from it, and a smoking hot motor not worth the rewind, so went to Bonfiglioli, and got a brand new shiny non crispy motor.

Got new bearings for the input shaft ( old ones were showing a dull wear pattern) and 2 seals to put in the input shaft in place of the one it had there. A sheet of gasket material and a tube of Loctite gasket sealer and assembly started. Filled up with nice fresh gear oil, and it was run for a half hour after installation to check.  It normally runs for 1 minute in 2, so the test was good, it just got warm and pumped excess oil out from the new vent on the gearbox. Original box was sealed, and this probably helped do the seal in with time and heat. Old motor made in China, new one made in Vietnam.

Had to retap some mounts as the threads were full of gunk from manufacture, so cleaned them out with a new M10 tap to a smooth inside. Tomorrow will start to put the kit back together.


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Re: I think it's not happy.
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