Author Topic: Solar 2v System?  (Read 2515 times)


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Solar 2v System?
« on: July 16, 2014, 01:07:25 PM »
so i have been researching systems with my limited electrical education and lack of experience of solar. I have an idea to use 2v 3000mah batteries yes 2V not 12v.... on a off grid system. i have a connection for these and can get about 10 cheap. Since the 3000 MAH hold allot of power is there a 2v inverter to house 120 or 220 A/C? i need to achieve a 2000mah for the house. Any technical help would be appreciated. ;D


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Re: Solar 2v System?
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2014, 02:28:28 PM »
3000 mAh is not a lot of power. 2v is very small.   

You can get about the same energy as that 2v battery with 2 AA 1.2v 2500-2700mAh in series (the typical ones you find in stores).  Think about it, how much energy is stored in 2 AA batteries? If you can only run a cd player or a toy for a few hours, how much time do you think you can power a house?

A basic UPS has one 12v 7Ah (motorbike battery) and can keep a pc using 100-150w for about running for about 15-25 minutes. A UPS with two batteries (so 24v 7 Ah) may keep the pc running for 30-35 minutes).  Your 10 batteries in series will do 20v 3000mAh or 20v 3Ah, not even half of that. Maybe you'll keep a pc running for 5-10 minutes with those 10 batteries but I doubt it.

12v batteries have a lot more energy, a truck battery is rated for 70-80 Ah  or 80 000 mAh .. forget about those 2v batteries.