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Solar Power Board - new project
« on: July 24, 2014, 06:01:57 AM »

I have been running my home office from a DIY assembled 160w folding camping solar panel for a while now but the clutter under my desk was sh$&ing me big time so am preparing to assemble a control and distribution board.  Before I assemble the board I have laid out the components as shown in the attached photo.  The only thing missing is a midi fuse at the battery.  The panels will feed in on the left through a meter to the MPPT controler.  The controller will join in at the big disconnect switch connected to the battery and the inverter.  My controller is not temp compensated so the piece of paper indicates the place for a digital thermometer which will have its probe on the battery.  Any comments before I complete it?
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Re: Solar Power Board - new project
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I really look forward to seeing you get it all together. You must have a very efficient home office setup...what are you planning to  run off the system?
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