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Where to start after Electronics Tutorial #9 Part 2

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I've been thoroughly enjoying and assimilating the information from your excellent Electronics Tutorial series...but I'm wondering where to go after #9 part 2? I don't see a #10 and I'm not sure which series to start on that will pick up where #9 Part 2 left off.

I'm hoping to get back to that soon.....inductors and then transistors next....

Thank you sir. You are truely an excellent electronics instructor.

I couldn't agree more, these videos are top notch...looking forward to the next one in the series.

Please Mr. Lortоn continue with the series of Electronics Tutorial, they are so helpful. There is no other that explains better than you. I recommend the videos of my little brother who has a huge willingness to deal with electronics. Your lessons were supportive for him and me. Very good analogy use, i loved it and is very accessible to understand everything. The most difficult is the sphere of transistors and methods of amplification. We follow you with interest and we are grateful for your time and effort that you put into these lessons. Thank you.


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