Author Topic: Keeping you safe in the pool area.  (Read 1723 times)


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Keeping you safe in the pool area.
« on: April 05, 2015, 12:19:39 PM »
Was at the flea market yesterday, and picked this up for $2, so I am taking it apart. I do not have a pool, and in any case there is only 1 sensor, and the battery in it ( sealed unit) is flat.

The box itself, with the nice warning text.

The back, with more legalese saying it does nothing......

Inside the box, nice foam packing for the parts.

For when Eishkom does the usual, there is a nice Songle rechargeable battery inside, it actually still had charge in the one, as I got 2 main units, I guess somebody wanted an extra sensor so bought the whole unit, and then put the unused and dead stuff on auction (Bastid).

The back of the board, with the interesting antenna folded to have it fit the case.

The top of the board, with the very well ground off part number on what is obviously one of the ubiquitous PIC processors. Really tiny RF receiver board there, complete with bodge 4u7 capacitor on the power pins

The board and the transmitter, in both intact and after some slightly destructive opening, to see it was entirely potted to seal it. Plus my helper, who came around to see, and who was looking at the surgery while sitting on my head, and then who went off in a huff when dumped off from there.

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