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Help starting a career in Solar



Im new to the site and found this via the youtube channel which has been very useful. Im starting a new job at a small solar company here in VT USA. Im will be starting out just learning about installation etc. But if things work out I may be able to start out as an apprentice electrical engineer or solar installer. As someone who does not have a vast knowledge in this area I'm looking for guidance on reading material or further you tube videos to help me along. Im a very determined individual and really want to impress my new employer and hit the ground running to show that I have potential etc. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.


I tried installing the four files in the elogind directory, which were "elogind", "libelogind0", "libelogind-compat", and "libpam-elogind", but it tells me that purging consolekit is still going to remove like 200 things.


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