Author Topic: The Constant Velocity of Sound Indicates a Non-Mechanical Component.  (Read 2907 times)

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In Mechanical Phenomena, velocity varies proportionally to force applied and yet all sound travels at only one velocity (at STP). I believe I have identified the Quantum Component for Sound and it is the only explanation since constant velocity is a property of Quantum Physics, only. I have made a few memes for my theory and will try to attach them below. The transfer of the organized pattern molecule to molecule creates the vibration of air that we perceive as a pitch. Pitch is an interpretation by the brain of many frequencies that are summed into an intelligible pitch. This is similar to our interpretation of color by the vision sense. Color is the interpretation of many different wavelengths of photons and "color" is how the brain makes sense of all the chaos. The senses are part of the survival mechanism.
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Re: The Constant Velocity of Sound Indicates a Non-Mechanical Component.
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I seem to like responding to old posts.

As I understand, the speed of sound is not constant. What we refer to as the standard is a clear day at just above sea level.

Water slows it down. In acoustic sound management, it is block, reflect, reduce...

hard objects slow it down to a point where it can stop the sound wave. Living in an area which often has fog. i alway thought that sound carried better, more clear. Then, I learned that the moisture in the air actually dampens the sound slowing it down, and muting the softer background noise and this is why we think the sound is clearer.

I may not correctly understand your post. I like the photos. i am not the person to review them, my little sister is working on her Ph.d in Chicago. I have emailed the photos to her and will nag her, just out of curiosity.