Author Topic: How to improve low consumption electric motor powered with a mini solar panel ?  (Read 2201 times)


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Hello to all !
I managed to make a low consumption electric motor 67 milliwatts powered with a single small solar panel VIMUN SC 3012 - 2A (also inside an office calculator) exposed in artificial light.  It consists from a small solar panel, electronic circuit , air core and a neodymium sphere 19 mm diameter 27 g.

Details : neodymium sphere 19 mm diameter - the key component Material NdFeB Shape, Sphere Diameter 19 mm Tolerance +/- 0,1 mm, Coating Chrome-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni-Cr), Manufacturing method sintered Magnetisation N38 Strength approx. 4,9 kg (approx. 48,1 N), Max. working temperature 80C, Weight 27,2943 g, Curie temperature 310 C, Residual magnetism Br 12200-12600 G, 1.22-1.26 T, Coercive field strength bHc 10.8-11.5 kOe, 860-915 kA/m - position of the poles up and down

There are a total of four electrical components. A small solar panel ( VIMUN SC-3012-2A, 29.44mm11.6mm1.1mm, 4 cells. The following specifications were listed, 2.0 Vos, 9.0 UAsc, 1.5 Vop, at 200Lux), a 470 uF 10 V electrolytic capacitor, a coil iron less with thin copper wire and a small circuit board with a black blob on it. Under this blob is the integrated circuit chip (HT111A1)

the electrical components ( excepting the coil are from a solar toy )

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Hi..It can be done but why would you want to do this? UPS system work exactly opposite. They use inexpensive commercial power and only switch to battery power in the event of a power failure at which time a generator starts and takes over.
A 100 watt off-grid solar can only power a regular desktop PC for only a few short hours in a day. So if this computer was running say 24 x7 or even say 10 hours per day a 100 watt system is not going to keep it powered up and will be running on AC most of the time.

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