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Extech MM570A
« on: September 04, 2013, 04:11:49 AM »
I liked the reviews for the UNI-T UT61E and similar meters. There was one review for the Extech MM560A meter that convinced me that it is a good meter. I actually bought a couple MM570A meters that are even more accurate than the MM560A. They also have the temperature function. I really don't need the other one and am considering selling it. It is new in the box, but I opened it to make sure everything was there and it is missing the temperature probe (which you can get for about $15.00). I did not handle the meter directly; it is still in the plastic. I was a bit disappointed that one of the temperature probes was missing between the two meters. It has the meter leads, battery and manual.

There was one review on this meter on youtube which I think will convince you it is a nice meter.

I am considering placing it on ebid, if someone is interested in it let me know.

0.02% (MM570A) and 0.03% (MM560A) basic DCV accuracy
50,000 count (500,000 for DCV and Hz) backlit LCD display with bar graph

I know I am new to this site, but I would still like to see MJLorton do a review on this specific meter. The one on youtube is ok, but it is not near as thorough. I still bought these meters based MJLorton's reviews even though he did not do one specifically for this exact meter.
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