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LiMn Liion battery RECOVERY


Hello everyone!
I am a noob in the forum, just registered after watching those very informative video. One year ago I bought a new electric motor with its battery and charger. But as I was so busy with my studies, I couldn t mount it together. I ve just fully charged the battery (36V, 8Ah) once and  store it.  Now that i wanna use it again, the battery shows empty, and does not want to be charged again. I have tested all the cells and they all have between 3.7 and 4.9V. The charger is functionning normall (tested 42V output), but when plugged in, it always shows a green light (fully charged). Do you have any idea of how can I save it? Thank you for your help.


Hazrat Deewana:
Hi friends
How can we recover our Lithium ion battery ?
Best regards
Hazrat Deewana Shah Dargah
Dargah in Kapasan, Kapasan Dargah, Dargah in Chittorgarh.

hii. I don't now this topic please tell me any one thank you.


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