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follow up to the how to crimp tutorial.


G'day Martin. (And to everyone else that reads this)
I have been watching you videos for quite some time now and thoroughly enjoy them, even the ones that go way over my head. I have just finished watching the how to crimp video, and was happy that I am reasonably competent to this level for a very mature newby. One of the areas I have a problem with, is how to properly step down/up cable sizes (to join or connect them). As an example, I have recently had to connect a solar panel to a caravan via a 50 amp Anderson plug. The cable connections to the panel are quite small compared to the Anderson plug and I have absolutely no knowledge in how do do this properly. I did manage to get them temporarily connected, but I know that it is a dodgy job and would like to learn how to do this properly. If you could do a tutorial video or direct me to one I would appreciate that very much.
I look forward to watching more of you vids in the future.

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