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Reverse Extractor Fan

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The attached photo is that of fan motor in Norway. Can this motor go connected to  in the opposite direction? Thanks!

Yes, very easy. You see the 2 wires that go to the external capacitor, the blue and brown ones. Currently the line in is connected to the blue wire. Simply undo the 7mm nut and remove only the line wire ( not any of the others) and retighten the nut and any washers. Then undo the nut on the brown wire and connect the line wire there, and it will run in the opposite direction.

Just be aware that some fans do not run well in reverse, especially those with a scroll blower or any type with a fan where the blades are shaped, as they are designed to only move air most efficiently in the one direction, and in reverse might only blow at reduced ability or barely at all.

I see the capacitor brown and blue...

When say 'line wire' which one is that?

Blue to capacitor is conected with brown live...

Line in is the brown wire from the mains side. Move to the other brown wire terminal.

Cheers! Finally got to this motir again. Your advice were spot on! Many thanka!


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