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Small German made Extractor Fan

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I want to use this little fan for extraction in my welding container.
It is in need of a 10farad capacitor, but I have connected it without for a test run.... spinning it first.
The part which escapes me is how do I go about connecting the capacitor?

10 microfarad, 400VAC unit. Connect capacitor between brown amd black. the mains power connects to blue and brown, and of course the green/yellow protective earth connects to the metal frame.

Single speed 160mm inlet and outlet unit, i just recently installed a 3 speed 200mm unit, it moves a lot of air. Not too noisy either, and the flexible ducting was easy to do.

Hei! Microfarad yes!
I'm a scrap metal sculptor and found this at the scrap yard...
I have an unatural desire to learn about things!
If I understand correctly... brown from mains to capacitor and black from capcitor to fan?

Fan has 3 wires, brown, blue and black. Capacitor to the brown and black wires of the fan motor. Then mains to brown and blue of the motor. The wire colours of the capacitor itself do not matter, they might be brown and blue on a small leaded motor run capacitor, or there might be faston connectors. Motor colours do matter though.

I'm buying a small exhaust fan from Germany.


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