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Trio 35Mhz Oscilloscope (CS-1577A)

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Mr Eastwood:
This is my analogue scope which I bought from Ebay about 3 years ago;  it's been a great learning tool and I really enjoy using it.

Looks nice :).

Any chance of an internal photo?  8)

Mr Eastwood:

--- Quote from: steve30 on April 03, 2013, 07:02:24 AM ---Looks nice :).

Any chance of an internal photo?  8)

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the great post...I certainly hope to get my hands on some older kit once in the US including an analogue scope.

Cool internals :).

CRT Scopes are nice. Not sure whether I'd choose one over that sexy Agilent scope you have though Martin. (we need a jealous smiley).

I'll post a teardown of my Hitachi CRT scope sometime.


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