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Mini lathe stand
« on: April 12, 2014, 03:08:12 PM »
Bought at Makro on sell out a woodworking table, got it for a good price and discount as it was both the demo model and was broken a little. I took it and cut it down so I could place my mini lathe on it, so that it would have it's own table.

The offcuts of the aluminium bed, now a lot shorter, and a better fit to the lathe, though the legs no longer fold up fully, but still now 600mm long as opposed to a 2m long as bought in kit form. Did the trimming with the mitre saw, tungsten carbide tipped blade does work well on aluminium as well as wood.

Now a lot smaller, and a whole lot of extra pieces left over that are no longer going to be used, so they went out to Bobby, who is using the scrap for his projects, and the rest will be sent back to China in a container. Kept the gooseneck lamp, and will use it. Trimmed down the panels and now have tool storage for the lathe parts as opposed to the plastic bag they were in.

Mounted the lathe on the base, and did some tidying up, but forgot to take pictures of the finished unit, as I was in a hurry. Still have to fix the lamp, will look for a LED lamp to use there, but did use the lathe ( and cleaned out a lot of plastic shavings and metal turnings) after fixing it, and it works well, and I have a table top back.