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DMM Beta 1760/RMS


I took a couple of pictures of my Beta 1760/RMS DMM for anybody who is intrested. The board and maybe also the shell is a rebranding from another brand, my question is does anybody know what brand? There are some numbers written on the board, it looks like it reads UR but mirrored with a number.

some specs:

                    Measuring range   Base accuracy
AC/DC voltage   110mV 600V           0.8% - 2%     rdg
AC/DC current   110μA 10A           1.5% - 2%     rdg
Resistance           110Ω   40MΩ           1.2% - 2.5%  rdg
Capacity           11nF 40mF           5% - 10% rdg ( up to11mF)
Frequency           1100Hz 110 MHz   1.2% - 1.5% rdg
Temperature   -32C 1000C           3% - 5% rdg
Diode test           3V dc                   10% rdg
Continuity           <30 Ω

Thank U for watching

Greets Rob

After some digging around I found out that its a rebranded Major Tech MT 1887, the model Martin broke the selector on during his review 😅.

Rebranded means same hardware, different package, right?

Mr Eastwood:

--- Quote from: Whittis on May 08, 2019, 08:34:04 AM ---Rebranded means same hardware, different package, right?

--- End quote ---

I think generally it means a different look;  i.e, a different logo / case colours,  but to me a re-brand doesn't include different dials settings;  I'm not sure it's a rebrand of the MT1887 as the dial settings are different which indicates the pcb is different;  a lot of meters can use the same chipsets and so they can appear similar in core features;  a popular chipset is "Cyrustek", which is the one in the Beta 1760/RMS DMM.


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