Author Topic: Installation of solar panels using dryer outlet to get to the main panel.  (Read 2159 times)


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I live on on penthouse (concrete building) with an open terraza (without roof). Im considering the installation of what is known as a solar patio. The only cabling available near the patio is an outlet that is used by the dryer. Cabling was installed to comply with the 240V dryer an goes directly to the main panel with its own breaker.  The main panel is located 55 fts from the patio so I dont have any other way to send electricity from the solar array than this 240v outlet. I will install nine LG 365w 60 cells solar panels with the corresponding micro inverters (IQ8 not available until '19).  5.52 hours of peak solar irradiance. Patio faces south west. AC disconnect and production meter will be installed in one of the patio concrete walls. The solar system will produce an estimated average of 15.5 kwh per day out of 33 kwh consume daily. Dryer will be replace with a new gas dryer.

Could this be possible?
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