Author Topic: How to improve low consumption electric motor powered with a mini solar panel ?  (Read 289 times)


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Hello to all !
I managed to make a low consumption electric motor 67 milliwatts powered with a single small solar panel VIMUN SC 3012 - 2A (also inside an office calculator) exposed in artificial light.  It consists from a small solar panel, electronic circuit , air core and a neodymium sphere 19 mm diameter 27 g.

Details : neodymium sphere 19 mm diameter - the key component Material NdFeB Shape, Sphere Diameter 19 mm Tolerance +/- 0,1 mm, Coating Chrome-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni-Cr), Manufacturing method sintered Magnetisation N38 Strength approx. 4,9 kg (approx. 48,1 N), Max. working temperature 80C, Weight 27,2943 g, Curie temperature 310 C, Residual magnetism Br 12200-12600 G, 1.22-1.26 T, Coercive field strength bHc 10.8-11.5 kOe, 860-915 kA/m - position of the poles up and down

There are a total of four electrical components. A small solar panel ( VIMUN SC-3012-2A, 29.44mm11.6mm1.1mm, 4 cells. The following specifications were listed, 2.0 Vos, 9.0 UAsc, 1.5 Vop, at 200Lux), a 470 uF 10 V electrolytic capacitor, a coil iron less with thin copper wire and a small circuit board with a black blob on it. Under this blob is the integrated circuit chip (HT111A1)

the electrical components ( excepting the coil are from a solar toy )

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