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UNI-T UT61E Discount available to viewers

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Franky will post details here on how you can get a discount on the UT61E.


Hi Martin and everyone,

I can offer forum members a discount on the UT61E and other items in my eBay store, if we deal directly here, as I can save myself some eBay fees this way. For the UT61E I can offer a member price of $55$51 (US customers) / $57 $53 (non-US customers), that's including worldwide Registered Air Mail shipping, which comes with a tracking number. Price for US customers is slightly lower because Hong Kong Post and USPS has a joint service called eExpress (which is just another fancy name for Registered Air Mail), which makes sending heavier packages the US more economical.

For other items in my store, I can offer 5-7% discount, please inquire.

Even though my eBay account is almost 13 years old, my seller's store is still relatively new. As such, eBay imposes a lot of limitations to how many I can list and sell every month. There are items I haven't listed there yet and I usually have more quantity of the items than I am listing there, so again, if anyone is interested in anything there, please inquire. Thanks!

Franky (franky @ 99centhobbies . com)

P.S. To get this discount please contact me by either posting in this thread or sending me a private message. Thanks!

EDIT: Pricing and shipping info updated on 5 Feb 2013.
EDIT: Early summer sale 2014. Prices reduced.

Please hold one for me. Thx! :)


--- Quote from: birrbert on November 10, 2012, 03:29:53 PM ---Please hold one for me. Thx! :)

--- End quote ---

I'm actually quickly running out of stock again! But it'll only take a couple of days for me to re-stock so don't you worry, I'll have one for you when you're ready ;)

Just a quick update on the UT61E at my eBay store, I have temporarily run out of stock! I will re-stock as soon as possible, it shouldn't take more than 3-4 days or so. Thanks a lot folks for the purchases! It will be a busy Monday for me at the post office!!

If you want one at the forum special price of $55, please leave me a private message and I'll send one out to you as soon as my new stock comes in. Thanks!

EDIT: The UT61E's are back in stock!


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