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Brymen BM-257 discount to members


I have a few units of the Brymen BM-257 6000-count multimeter for sale up in my eBay store at the moment. I posted a mini review and some inside pictures in this thread:

It's priced at $135 in my store, but I will sell to members here directly for $128 shipped worldwide. I also have the USB Interface Kit (cables and software) for sale at $39.99, which I am willing to sell for $37 (also shipped worldwide) here. Link to my eBay store is in my signature below, look under the "Multimeters" category.

Just for your information the Brymen BM-257 is rebadged as the Greenlee DM-510A in the US, which is available from Amazon for about $135. In Europe, is selling the BM-257 for 85 euros or so, but that's before VAT and shipping I believe.

Kiriakos GR:
It is not wise to comment the pricing of its source, we are living in a free market.
But it is wise any consumer to inspect the warranty plan of its reseller before buying.
Brymen is a serious company about their meters and the warranty coverage.

Greenlee offers 5 years waranty or an identical plan with Fluke, I had this information last year, but it needs an extra confirmation.

Hi Franky,

I'm interested in purchasing one of these units however see there's no stock currently. Do you perhaps know if/when these will be available again?


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