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Hello All,

I have just listed this item on my eBay store. It's the Digitek DT-4000ZC, which is basically an identical meter, made by the same manufacturer, to the TekPower TP4000ZC which Martin reviewed a few months ago:
Part 1:
Part 2:

The version I'm selling has a few upgrades included:
1. The data logging cable now has a USB connector so there's no need for any RS232 to USB converter anymore.
2. The test leads that come with it have gold plated probe tips to ensure a much more consistent contact and conductivity.
3. There's a choice of colour on the holster, Blue or Red.

It is listed at $36.99 (worldwide shipping included), but members can contact me here directly and get one for $35. For members/viewers from the USA, I still encourage you to buy it through Martin's Amazon store as you can get it cheaper there (with US shipping), and in doing so you will also support Martin in his effort to keep his Youtube channel and this forum running.

Here's the link to my eBay listing for detailed description and pictures:


Thanks Franky, I have included a link from the video reviews here and added Digitek DT-4000ZC to the title as well.


Very nice effort! 8)

andrew mac:
Franky was going to PM you to let you know the two meters arrived safely but thought i would post here if anybody else is thinking of getting one of these. I am gob smacked how good these meters are for the money. If anybody is looking for a cheap meter with data logging you will not go wrong with these. One of them needed a quick cal but that was me just being picky. I would not use these for any mains testing but if you are starting out in electronics as a hobby this meter is a fantastic piece of kit for the money. And I still can't get over the fact it does data logging to boot.
Andrew  ;D

Dear Franky,
Thank you so much for the link I will indeed place an order to get mine
Hope you don't indicate the actual value on the box for the customs charges an all


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